About us

For every garment sold, we give food to a malnourished child for a whole week.

So far we have given more than 92,000 weeks of food to malnourished children.

CHOSEN is a clothing brand that wants to carry hope and justice.

All our clothes are produced in Bangladesh to a high moral standard.

Help us help others!

How do we give?

We give in two ways:

For every garment you buy , a malnourished child in Bangladesh is provided with food for a week through the organization Youth With a Mission (YWAM). The children we help are between 6 months and 5 years old , and they struggle with various diseases and ailments linked to malnutrition. The children are admitted to a program that lasts three months , and after the end of the period they are evaluated by a doctor. If they have not recovered and are healthy, they will be registered for another three months. Chosen transfers the money directly to YWAM and receives reports to check that the money is being used properly.

Due to great involvement around Chosen, YWAM has reached its capacity to take in more people, we have had to expand the charity project and therefore now also send money to FMSC. Feed my starving children (FMSC) is an international organization that provides food to malnourished children around the world. For every garment you buy, you help FMSC distribute food to malnourished children for a whole week.

What do we mean by a high moral production?

Chosen collaborates with a factory in Bangladesh that produces clothing according to a high moral standard. The clothing industry in the world today has many ethical challenges. Child labour, poor wages and poor working conditions are present almost everywhere. We want to be different, and we want everyone involved in the production process to be positively affected.

No child labour

Everyone has an employment contract

Protected against extreme workload

Good facilities

Ventilation system & clean drinking water available

Wages according to legislation in Bangladesh

We are in constant contact with our collaboration partners and ensure that the suppliers we use have the necessary certification and documentation.

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